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  1. Add Your Website to Google Search Console in 3 Easy Steps!

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    We have noticed that most business owners invest their time and budget in designing and developing their brand’s website, and understandably so. But launching a successful website has so much more going on. We are here to briefly introduce you to the behind-the-scenes of launching our clients’ website. Any marketing agency worth their salt will ensure that Google Analytics will capture any activity or action the moment your website is public. 


    The reason behind linking your website to Google Analytics is to be able to optimise it later and track website traffic and other important metrics to ensure it is algorithm-friendly.  


    Firstly, we create a Google Analytics account and link the website to that Google Analytics account.  


    Then, create and link Google Search Console to gain SERPs-related performance reports. As well as, insights to help rank the website higher on search engines (SERPs), track its performance and keep improving.  

    Optimally, increasing the organic click-through rate, therefore, increasing sales.  


    Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google to measure and deliver comprehensive website analytics. 


    This article will go through what is Google Search Console and how to connect your website to Google Search Console easily.  



    What is Google Search Console? 


    Google Search Console (GSC) is a free dashboard that enables any website owner to improve their site’s performance in Google Search results. Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, it gives you everything you need to boost your search rankings. 


    Google Search Console provides insights when it comes to your website’s performance on different surfaces: 

    • Search 
    • Discover 
    • News 


    These are some of the data that GSC provides: 

    • Organic Impressions: A user saw a link to your page or site in a Google service (Search, News, or Discover). 
    • Organic Clicks: A user clicked a link to your page or site in a Google service (Search, News, or Discover). 
    • Organic Click-through rate: Clicks divided by impressions 


    You can check out this link  for more metrics that Google Search Console measures. 


    It is best to link your Google Search Console to your Google Analytics account to have a comprehensive reporting system in one place. It will help you understand your search traffic and make optimisations that help increase your organic ranking and click-through rate.  


    Any business owner must understand what his team is working with and what needs to be done,  especially for small businesses with tight resources and budgets. It is essential to armour yourself with these details. Even if you invest in working with a marketing agency, and they already do all those details, it is best to understand the know-how of such technical information; you’ll reap the benefits later.  


    If you have missed it, read our list of advantages when you invest in a good marketing agency. For when you are on the fence of slimming your marketing budget. Why Hire A Marketing Agency. 


    Now, let’s get to connecting your new website to Google Search Console.  


    Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console in 3 Easy Steps. 


    1. Click the “Start Now” button on Google Search Console website
    2. Enter your domain or website URL. (consider which kind of verification you will use.) — Check out this link for more details about verifying a website’s ownership. — 

    3. Verify ownership of the website in multiple ways: 
      1.  By downloading the HTML file and then uploading it to your website.  
      2. Via DNS record by copying the TXT record into the DNS configuration for your website provided by Google Search Console.  


    Click “verify”, and you are done! 




    There are other verification methods that you can use (As the above image shows): 

    • HTML Tag 
    • Use your Google Analytics account 
    • Use your Google Tag Manager account 
    • Associate a DNS record with Google 


    There you go. Once the verification step is successful, your google search console account will be set up! 


    You can click the ‘Go to Property’ link on your Google Search Console dashboard. 


    Knowing the benefits and how-tos of tools like Google Search Console is one example of the many things marketers, web developers, and business owners should know how it works to keep adding weapons to their knowledge arsenal.  


    These free tools, like GA4 and Google Search Console, are designed to support website owners. They help business owners optimise and keep updating their websites with valuable content and engaging material to keep visitors hooked.  Business owners should utilise them effectively and enhance their digital presence accordingly to reach and attain new customers and optimise leads and sales.