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  1. 7 Ways To Increase Website Speed

    Leave a Comment The first few seconds that a visitor spends on your website are critical. It is important that the page loads fast and visitors find as much as they wish to know about your company so that subsequent visits are guaranteed. To achieve this, a great UX and UI, relevant content, and high website loading are indispensable. Here are seven ways in which you can increase your site’s speed:
    • Compress images and maintain a satisfactory compression-quality balance
    • Use lesser plug-ins
    • Reduce HTTP requests by grouping CSS and Javascript files
    • Stick to two fonts of three weights each
    • Reduce redirects
    • Use a web host that delivers speed and quality
    By employing these seven recommendations, you can easily boost your website’s speed and keep users engaged.
  2. Five Website Design Trends To Consider Before 2020

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    How your target audience interacts with your website can predict a lot about your business’ overall growth. In the generation of short attention spans and dynamic content, it is vital to catch hold of your visitor’s attention and keep them there for as long as possible.

    So is your website ready for 2020? Here are some trends you should look out for in the coming year.

    • Mobile-first– High-quality, responsive web pages that are built based on smartphone-compatible dimensions.
    • Accessibility– Integrating screen readers and other such features to allow users with disabilities to access your website comfortably.
    • Dynamic content – Customizing content based on the user’s location and preferences to give them a more personalized site interaction experience.
    • Minimalism– Content that can easily be skimmed through without overwhelming the user.
    • Security– Ensuring certificates are up-to-date and sites are safeguarded with the latest security features.