Independent Client

Architecture CGI


A Sydney resident was looking to build a brand new villa and was interested to see how the house would look like after it was finished. Feur Media House was able to help by producing a number of computer-generated images (CGI) to show the final result of the house as well as adding applying some interior design touches to help the client decide what kind of furniture would suit the villa.

Services Provided

  • Design


Much like the cover of a book, the exterior of a house is where the first impression comes from. To complement the neighbourhood of this house, it is designed to fit the colour palette and surrounding architecture style while keeping a unique modern look.

Living Room


Designed to be warm, cosy and comfortable. Fitted with warm lighting, warm coloured furniture and matching props making it a relaxing place to sit and perfect for a movie night with the family.



By using dust-proof materials, we ensured the kitchen to stay clean for longer periods of time just like a kitchen should be. We also implemented a colour palette that is proven to increase appetite so lift the mood, also how a kitchen should be.



No doubt that getting a goodnight sleep is super important. Therefore, we made the bedroom a place where you can actually fall asleep and not somewhere you lay down and think.